All the quality Control Services certifications

In 2004, Control Services was awarded the Certification ISO 9001 guaranteeing continued implementation of procedures and operating methods for high quality standards. In 2008, it made a successful transition to ISO 9001/2008 thanks to the improvement and updating of the management systems, which was successfully applied across all company sites. In 2010, on completing a process of improvement, Control Services earned the important OHSAS 18001 workplace safety certification. A confirmation of our care and focus on workplace safety and an implementation of company procedures in compliance with Legislative Decree 81/08.

In order to guarantee proper and complete management of all the safety and quality aspects, Control Services has implemented an integrated system across all fixed and mobile work sites and in all working procedures.

In order to keep the technical staff fully qualified, Control Services ensures that they are always fully updated and trained in all the various specializations of its business. Engineers have completed and continue to attend courses and seminars provided by the leading companies in the electro/tool and automation sector. The continuous and consistent updating/training of staff in terms of security, quality and technical aspects, has always been a company prerogative.

In 2014, Control Services obtained the FGAS certification Reg. (EC) 303/2008.

Here you can consult the following Control Services certifications:

Certificate F 303

Certificate ISO 9001

OHSAS 18001

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