Control Services provides its customers with all these services

Fields of specialization:

  • Automation Systems
  • Air conditioning systems technical offices
  • Integrated security systems
  • Gas detection
  • Fire prevention
  • Antintrusion
  • Access Control
  • Electrical and electronic systems
  • Process analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Creating BT switchboards
  • Installing control and automation panels



The scheduled maintenance includes maintenance plans and metrology with procedures that ensure long term efficiency and reliability for each system, and all the instrumentation. This ensures a decrease of production failures and stoppages.


Ordinary/extraordinary maintenance consists in timely interventions by specialized technicians to resolve problems and equipment/system failure in a prompt manner.

Areas of intervention

  • DCS and PLC systems
  • Coordination unit
  • HVAC systems
  • Safety and warnings
  • Audit, control and calibration of pneumatic, electronic and electro instrumentation: transmitters, regulators, control valves, safety valves, etc.
  • Proven tool performance in accordance with ISO 9001 standards with issuance of certificates.
  • Gas detection systems
  • Smoke detection systems

Control Services guarantees 24/7 turn-over with maintenance contracts and on-call service

Start-up support for systems

  • Pre-commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Support and execution of commissioning of instruments and measurement and control systems
  • Start-Up
  • Start-up support for systems
  • Staff training
  • Management of technical
  • Systems
  • Testing facilities
  • Systems for detecting gas/smoke

The work can be carried out either according to our procedures, or in accordance to the customer's or manufacturers specific directives.

Calibration and inspection of tools

  • Calibration in the process instrumentation sector with certified reference standards
  • Calibration and inspection of safety valves
  • Calibration and inspection of control and motorized valves
  • Inspection of control instrumentation
  • Management of primary and secondary measuring instruments with various certification bodies

Environmental monitoring

  • Verification and calibration of analytical instrumentation for environmental monitoring
  • Periodic calibration of environmental gas/smoke analysis systems
  • Inspection and calibration of portable gas detection systems
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